In November 2012, Richland County residents voted to approve the referendum for the Transportation Penny Tax program, which imposed a 1 percent sales tax. The tax went into effect May 1, 2013. More historical information regarding the tax can be found here.

The department releases a monthly report detailing projects and expenditures; those can be viewed here. Also, a monthly Transportation Penny Advisory Committee (TPAC) meeting makes discussion on these details available to the public. Information on those meetings can be found here. The Ombudsman’s Office can release more detailed information via a FOIA request, if necessary.

All initial inquiries should be routed through the Ombudsman’s Office so they can be routed to the appropriate department and answered appropriately. Contact the Ombudsman via email at ombudsman@richlandcountysc.gov or call 803-929-6000.

Have a question or comment to be addressed during a TPAC meeting? Email them to TPAC@richlandcountysc.gov. They should be received no later than noon the day of the appropriate meeting.

Please email these requests to transportationpenny@richlandcountysc.gov. Our department will reach out to you to schedule a meeting.