To support our Transportation Penny public education initiative, we’ve created this web page as a connecting point for information and resources that are part of the initiative.

As new materials and information become available, we’ll be posting them here, including fact sheets, reports, video links, and more.

Check back frequently to stay updated on events and opportunities to be part of our community presentations and discussion forums. These upcoming events will focus on the extraordinary improvements your Transportation Penny has made possible.

2012 Penny Progress

Cent-Sational Results Video

A Focused Look at the Current Progress of the Penny

For 2012 Penny Progress highlights, view or download the companion brochure.

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    Richland County Transportation Roadmap


    In 2012, Richland County residents voted to approve a 1 percent Transportation Penny sales tax to provide for much-needed projects throughout the County. Since its inception, the Penny has provided funding for hundreds of neighborhood improvement projects, including road widenings, intersection upgrades, dirt road pavings, sidewalks, bikeways and greenways. These projects have boosted travel and infrastructure throughout the County’s 11 districts.

    The maximum revenue using the Penny program is $1.07 billion, which will be collected for 22 years or until the maximum revenue is received, whichever comes first. It is forecasted that the maximum revenue will be accrued in late 2026.

    Richland County Council is keeping this information in mind and reviewing a recent transportation needs assessment as it considers a Transportation Sales Tax Referendum, expected to be held during the November 2024 general election.

    To learn more and for the latest updates, use the link below to visit the Transportation Roadmap page, which is housed on our main Richland County website.

    2023 State of the Penny Address

    On Nov. 2, 2023, the County presented a State of the Penny Address in County Council chambers.
    This event featured an overview of the Richland County Transportation Penny program’s history and a report on the status of completed, current and planned Penny projects. The public could attend in person or view a live stream of the address online.

    Below are links to the presentation from that evening and other helpful resources to keep you
    informed on the positive impact your Penny is making across Richland County.