Gathering Community Input


In January, Richland County began holding community meetings in each of the 11 Council districts to present completed and upcoming transportation projects slated for the coming year. Residents were invited to attend these drop-in discussions, submit questions about the projects, and provide perspective on what community needs were most pressing.

 Councilmembers and County staff helped answer questions and spark discussion during the open forums, which were hosted by Stantec LLC, a consulting group charged with capturing community input and concerns to inform a County-wide assessment on transportation needs.

 This information is also being leveraged as content for a new “Transportation Road Map.” This will be an online resource to share answers to frequently asked questions, news and presentations outlining community needs, and video from work sessions between County Council, Transportation Penny Department leadership, and representatives of the consulting group. The goal of this work is a detailed, well-informed needs assessment of community transportation improvements that will enhance residents’ safety and quality of life and best position the County for smart growth and development in the future.