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In April 2013, Richland County Council appointed the Transportation Penny Advisory Committee (TPAC). The function of the TPAC is to review, comment, on, and provide recommendations to Richland County Council regarding the Council’s use of the one-cent additional sales tax that voters approved in the November 2012 referendum. The TPAC is composed of 15 Richland County citizens representing Arcadia Lakes, Blythewood, Columbia, Eastover, Forest Acres, Irmo, and unincorporated areas of Richland County. TPAC members are volunteers who serve without compensation. Their terms of service range from three to five years.

Three Rivers Greenway

Committee Meetings Info

The TPAC meets on the third Monday of every month at 4:00pm. Meetings are held virtually and streamed on the County’s YouTube Channel. Meeting announcements are posted here.

TPAC meetings are open to the public. Public questions and comments can be emailed to TPAC@richlandcountysc.gov. Submissions may be addressed during the public comment portion of the meeting. When submitting a question or comment, please include a full name and address.

Richland County Council has prescribed the following powers and duties to the TPAC:

  1. Provide a recommendation on any modification to the penny-funded transportation project list not consistent with the generic description of the project(s), such as the addition of new projects not currently on the projects list, etc.). Any modification to the project list consistent with the generic description of the project(s) shall not require a recommendation of the TPAC; for example, minor revisions to a project on the projects list not impacting the overall scope of the project.)
  2. Recommend any reordering of the project list priorities, if applicable.
  3. Provide quarterly reports to each respective jurisdiction from which Committee members are appointed.
  4. Review the proposed Scope of Services for the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Program Management Team and make recommendations as needed.
  5. Make recommendations for a financial review of the Transportation Penny as needed. (There will be an annual financial audit.)
  6. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors of Central Midlands Transit (aka “The Comet”), and to any other governing body with regards to the Transportation Penny
  7. Perform all other additional duties as assigned by the Richland County Council. The TPAC regards its role as representing the interests of Richland County citizens who use and/or finance various modes of transportation the county provides. These citizens reasonably expect that transportation improvements financed by the one-cent county sales tax and related bonds will be effective, efficient, and equitable. The TPAC, therefore, acts as an agent of and voice for these public expectations and brings diverse perspectives to the TPAC’s interactions with County Council, the Transportation Director, and the Columbia Transit Authority. Within its limitations as a volunteer advisory committee, the TPAC carries out its role by selectively reviewing information regarding transportation improvements, reviewing and commenting on plans, seeking clarifications, raising questions, and making suggestions. It serves as a link between the public interest and county officials responsible for conceiving, organizing, managing, implementing, auditing, and evaluating penny-financed transportation improvements.


The TPAC will consist of 15 members, appointed by the County / City / Town Councils (Parties) of each Richland County jurisdiction, and will serve at the pleasure of the Party that appointed such member(s). Two ex-officio Council Members will serve on the TPAC.

Each Party will use its best efforts to ensure that the overall membership of TPAC is diverse with respect to ethnicity, culture, and gender, as well as expertise or knowledge in one or more of the three transportation modes (roadways; bike / pedestrian / greenways; CMRTA – bus system).

The TPAC shall establish rules and procedures for the conduct of its business, and shall appoint a chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary. The TPAC shall hold regular meetings at least once a quarter, and shall be entitled to call special meetings as set forth in its procedures. The TPAC must ensure compliance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.

Members would have 5-year staggered terms, with no term limits.


Arcadia Lakes Vacant, Apply Now
Blythewood Chris Keefer, Secretary
Richard McKendrick
Columbia John Black, Chair
H. Lee Mashburn, Jr.
Connor Parker
Eastover Vacant, Apply Now
Forest Acres Shaun Greenwood
Irmo Frank Anderson
Richland County Cyril Busbee, Jr.,
Brian Colclough
John P. Epting
Candace Pattman
Eva Young Prioleau, Vice Chair
Ex Officio Councilman Paul Livingston